How To Design Products For People Making $2 A Day

8 Feb

We’re recognizing game changing careers and inspiring acts of generosity beyond deep-pocketed philanthropy. The Series profiles continue today with Mark Randall,  Most Generous Designer. 


Proximity Designs is a for-profit design company whose goal is to create products cheap enough–and good enough–that they can be bought by poor farmers, instead of just giving them aid.

 Proximity Designs–led by Debbie Aung Din and Jim Taylor–works to reduce poverty and advance the well-being of rural families in Myanmar, where the Taylors have worked since 2004. They design, produce, and distribute products, like their foot-operated irrigation pump, that are affordable for low income farmers and help to increase their income and productivity. To date, they’ve sold more than 110,000 items to Burmese farmers, using a model of designing and producing tools that are affordable to those making less than $2 a day.

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