Helping Young Artists Find Their Voice

3 Oct

Today we present the tenth in our series of profiles of our 13 Founding Members in Chapel Hill-Carrboro.  Here’s what happens when an organization unites young poets from the North Carolina Triangle to help them build self-confidence and become leaders using the spoken and written word. 

Sacrificial Poets (SacPoe) has been challenging young people to find their voice and discover new ways to empower themselves through artistic expression since 2005. Students are chosen from local slam poetry competitions in the Triangle and are invited to join the organization to hone their artistic skills and find their way in the world.

Internationally: This past year, SacPoe launched Poetic Portraits of a Revolution, a program to inspire young people to use art as an element of agency. Recently, four of their young poets traveled to Egypt and Tunisia to document the popular uprisings using poetry and photography.  A series of their poems were broadcast on NPR.

Back at home: SacPoe created a local alternative to the Poetic Portraits of a Revolution, called Painted Voices. This program teaches young people to look for groundbreaking stories close to home.

When the Sacrificial Poets are not slamming down rhymes or travelling the world looking for inspiration, they are educating their community.  YouTh ink is a SacPoe educational program that uses spoken word poetry to introduce students to tools that aid them in strengthening not just writing and public speaking skills, but their emotional literacy as well.

Executive Director Will Inerney is excited to start working with us, “Catchafire allows our local non-profit the ability to connect with skilled professionals across the nation with the click of a button. The diverse skills, opinions, and experience [Catchafire] experts bring will help Sacrificial Poets continue to be a more efficient, effective, and impactful organization.”

SacPoe is doing something right if their poets are this inspiring:  

There’s more where that came from! Take a look at more performances here.

Sign up to be a Catchafire Pro Bono Professional and help young artists  find their voice!


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