Enter the Dream Construction Zone

28 Sep

It’s Friday! We want to celebrate by presenting the eighth in our series of profiles of our 13 Founding Members in Chapel Hill- Carrboro.  What happens when you combine every  color of poster paint under the rainbow with a little glitter glue, the occasional garden gnome, a miniature kitchen set, fairytales and clay sculptures? 

You get a hands-on museum dedicated inspiring young minds!

Kidzu is the place, a museum where children ages 0-8 are encouraged to let their imaginations run wild as they learn about the world and turn their ideas into original creations.

Children are invited to discover new talents in sculpting, painting and crafting classes. Their imaginations are put to the test as they play make-believe inside the many touring exhibits and their creativity is celebrated at Kidzu’s original exhibit.

Enter into a museum of possibilities

On a typical day at Kidzu, artistic creations by local artists dangle from the ceiling, authors from the community can be heard telling their stories in the puppet theater and kids of all ages are getting the  chance to make their wildest fantasies a reality in the dream construction zone of Kidzu’s original exhibit, KidBoom: The Power of Creativity! Opportunities for little minds to wander are seemingly endless at Kidzu.

Kidzu has been busy lately

Executive Director Pam Wall says, “just two weeks ago, Kidzu began the concept design phase of our new museum with our world renown team of architects, Frank Harmon, The Porticos Group and MIG.  We engaged our community advisory group for input on how we will make this the best children’s museum in the state and country.”

Sign up to be a Catchafire Pro Bono Professional and let your imagination run wild!


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