Why You’ll Be In Business Next Year – 2 for 1 deal on first workshop

27 Mar

Catchafire is proud to be an outreach partner with The Social Innovators Collective for their upcoming workshop series. The series starts next Tuesday, April 3rd at General Assembly and, to kick off the event, The Social Innovators Collective is offering a “two for the price of one” deal. Here’s the skinny:

The evening begins at 6:30 with “What Nonprofits Need to Know to Survive” taught by Matthew Klein, Executive Director of Blue Ridge Foundation. During this 90-minute class, Matthew will share critical insights from his many years working with nonprofit organizations.

Then at 8:00pm Andrew Greenblatt, Founder and President of Vendorboon, follows with “Identifying A Winning Business Model and Revenue Stream.” Andrew will unveil key information and pose essential questions you need to answer in order to best position your enterprise for success.

The series was created to address the question: Why are so many startup social enterprises and nonprofit organizations failing? This workshop offers not only answers, but solutions.

For information and tickets (series/single): http://bit.ly/xKCCid


– Tuesday, April 3 – Why You’ll Be In Business Next Year

6:30 – 8pm: What Nonprofits Need to Know To Survive

8:00 – 9:30pm: Identifying a Winning Business Model and Revenue Stream

Tuesday, April 10th – How to Run a World-Class Organization: One Day at a Time

– Tuesday, April 17th – The Art of Business Development + Partnerships

– Tuesady, April 24thEssentials of Operational Finance for Your Organization to Thrive

The above workshops will be taught by Matthew Klein, Executive Director of the Blue Ridge Foundation and NYC adjunct professor; Andrew Greenblatt, President of Vendorboon and NYC adjunct professor; Aria Finger, COO of Do Something and NYC adjunct professor; Anand McGowan, Head of Business Development at General Assembly and Susan Hepner, CEO of accounting firm Raffa PC.

  • The series is designed as a whole, but you can also sign up for individual classes
  • 20% Discount Code: PARTNER
  • Class Format: Each class will have a 45-60 minute presentation that will be followed by a short break, an interactive exercise and finally Q&A. Networking from 9:30 -10pm will follow.


  • A checklist of what a founder needs to best ensure success
  • Ten reasons why non-profits and social enterprise organizations fail
  • For the large number of organizations and companies that fail, how could the founder have stopped the organization’s impending demise
  • A practical checklist that anyone can use to make sure their organization is on the right track
  • Tools to help guide founders in planning and articulating their organizations’ value
  • Insight into how funders evaluate early stage social enterprises and nonprofits
  • A new network of social-venture savvy peers committed to leading healthy social enterprises and nonprofit organizations
  • Case studies on a great turn-around efforts
  • Access to industry leaders who are committed to the financial health of up-and-coming social good organizations

Outreach partners:

Series Producer

The Social Innovators Collective is an international network of emerging founders, leaders and individuals who work in the social enterprise and nonprofit sectors. The Collective was born in 2010 when a handful of New York-based social entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders realized that they were dealing with strikingly similar challenges, and that by leveraging our collective resources and insights they could overcome those challenges. Currently, they connect through an online forum, workshops, social events and Mastermind Sessions (peer to peer mentoring). The story of how they began was featured in NextBillion – http://bit.ly/uGTLbq last December.


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