Boston Founding Members who partner with purpose

18 Nov

Social good projects are most effectual when a group of purpose-driven and talented people comes together behind the cause. Indeed, behind almost every social and environmental initiative underway today, nonprofits, government agencies, businesses, and individuals are working together to ensure their success. A number of organizations have come into existence around this simple idea: that we can accomplish so much more when we work together. Three such organizations are Catchafire Boston Founding Members. They’re promoting Boston as a center intellectual excellence, finding talented people for worthy causes and facilitating meaningful partnerships with all sects of society.

Boston World Partnerships (BWP), a nonprofit created by Mayor Thomas M. Menino, is a network of innovators, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and business leaders. This network is managed by the BWP Connectors who disseminate information about Boston’s economic opportunities and resources. The organization’s goal is simple: To raise global awareness for Boston as a center of excellence and a destination of choice for business.

Distinguishing BWP from similar platforms is their focus on building relationships and fostering ideas. BWP has nurtured a culture of mutual benefit by building a community of individuals willing to combine their personal and civic interests. They offer members an array of services geared toward connecting like-minded people with each other and Boston-based opportunities. These include access to fellow members and partner organizations and businesses, networking events and strategy sessions.

Visit the BWP website to learn more about future events, their services and how to become a member.

In 2005, a group of Boston-based nonprofit professionals came together out a shared frustration: the difficulty in finding and recruiting talented individuals for social good. They formed Commongood Careers, a recruitment agency serving the nonprofit sector.

Among their first clients were BELL, College Summit, Jumpstart and Year Up. Today, they’re one of the most experienced nonprofit recruitment agents in the country, operating nationwide and serving over 175 organizations in 26 states. They envision a social good sector where the access to and development of talent is simple and efficient. To make this happen, they’ve set a goal of expanding five-fold over the next five years, to eventually be placing 500 nonprofit professionals every year.

Organizations looking to hire talented, purpose-driven job seekers should visit the Commongood Careers website to get started.

Driven by the belief that social problem solving is best achieved through innovation and investment, Root Cause has been partnering nonprofits, philanthropy, government agencies and businesses around worthy causes since 2003.

Root Cause believes these partnerships can be most effective by helping clients fulfill four key prerequisites:

  • Social innovation –sharing ideas among all stakeholders
  • Information alignment – providing common terminology and data for all stakeholders
  • Public innovation – forming strategic partnerships between government leaders and their counterparts in nonprofits, philanthropy and business
  • Social impact markets – enabling individuals and institutions to provide financial (and other) resources for social good

In addition to the consulting services and research that Root Cause provides its clients (nonprofits, philanthropists, government agencies and businesses), they also host a forum where nonprofits can expand their networks and build capacity.

We’re almost at the end of our Founding 30 blog series. On Monday we will feature our final group – four great social good organizations helping children and young adults.


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