Celebrating in Boston with our social good organizations and professionals

17 Nov

On Monday, Catchafire took its first step towards national expansion by launching in Boston with 30 Founding Members. We held our first Boston Pro Bono 101 Seminar, designed to help our Founding 30 get the most out of their pro bono experience. During the seminar, the Catchafire team shares pro bono best practices, discusses expectations and process, and new organizations have the chance to hear the perspectives of a current Catchafire member. The seminar was followed by the Launch Party, held in Space with a Soul’s new event space. 130 people, including individuals from across the Boston social good landscape, Boston Founding Members and members of the press, were in attendance. Guests enjoyed food provided by Haley House, wine by Eventbrite Boston, and Sam Adams beer.

Siiri, Founder of Prosperity Candle, and Ann Kamensky from Partners for Youth with Disabilities

Celebrating at the launch party

Dana, Catchafire Service Officer and Erica from MassChallenge

The following evening, Catchafire and Root Cause participated on a joint panel for the Northeastern University Social Enterprise Institute‘s monthly discussion series. The topic was “Innovative platforms to Build Capacity for Non-Profits” and panelists were to discuss how they are innovating to help nonprofits build capacity. Speaking to a full house of students and professionals, Rachael discussed Catchafire’s evolution, the decision to adopt B Corp status and the key tenets of Catchafire’s theory of change. Ryan Letada, one of Catchafire’s Account Managers, conducted a demo of the live site for the audience to illustrate the power of technology to support matching of professionals and organizations. As many in the audience were students and entrepreneurs-in-training, Root Cause and Catchafire also provided tips on choosing a career path. Rachael’s message to those who wanted to start their own companies was to work for a startup, at as early a stage as possible, in order to get the best on the ground experience.

Rachael with panelists from Root Cause, Allison Mirkin and Anne Radday

All in all, it was a fantastic trip and we look forward to heading back up in December.

Boston professionals: register with Catchafire today to give what you’re good at with one of our amazing Founding 30!


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