Promoting arts and culture… and doing good

15 Nov

Boston is home to a number of world-class museums and galleries and a bourgeoning arts and culture scene. Two relatively new social good organizations, ArtVenue and Design Museum Boston, have been created with the purpose of promoting, nurturing and spreading this growing art scene. They’re also two of Catchafire’s Boston Founding Members. Read on to learn more about their work.

Next time you’re in Boston, perhaps in a coffee shop or ice cream parlor, and your eye catches a fine piece of art, chances are it’s by a local artist and for sale – all thanks to ArtVenue. This new Boston startup (founded April 2011) is forging new and meaningful relationships between local artists and venues.

Their goal is not just to help local artists promote and sell their work but to spread art throughout Boston’s communities and strengthen the relationships between artists, venues and art enthusiasts. ArtVenue is making new locations accessible to artists and art more accessible to the public and potential buyers. For an artist, selling their work is more often than not a difficult and intimidating prospect. With ArtVenue facilitating the connection between the artist and venue, arranging shows and the selling art is now a much simpler process. For co-founder Dan Vidal, this is an important aspect of the art business. His enthusiasm for this project was born out of frustration with the difficulty of buying and selling art. ArtVenue is making the business part easy, and they are being recognized for this, having been selected as one of MassChallenge’s $50K Gold Prize Winners.

Are you an artist or do you know of an artist looking to promote his/her work? Perhaps your business would like some original artwork for its walls. If so, visit for more info.

Design Museum Boston describes itself as “an innovative nomadic museum at the forefront of design education and promotion.” It’s also a nonprofit organization and entirely volunteer-run. Their mission is to unite the Massachusetts design community around two common goals: (1) to educate the public about the role of design in their lives, and (2) to demonstrate how design provides practical solutions to real world problems.

How are they accomplishing this? Design Museum Boston hosts regular events – both physical and virtual – showcasing the breadth and impact of Massachusetts’s design work. Their exhibitions allow audiences to see the design process from a social, economic, and environmental perspective, from where they can truly appreciate the role of design across the urban landscape and in their daily lives.

In addition to Creative Capital, an ongoing and public exhibit in Boston, Design Museum Boston hosts regular events, including exhibits, lectures, conferences and tours, across the city and at select venues throughout the state. Visit their site to learn more about upcoming events, sign up for their newsletter and discover how you can get involved.

We’ve only scratched the surface of Boston’s social good sector! Tomorrow we dig deeper with our Boston Founding Member series. Tomorrow’s causes: energy and the environment…


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