A talented class of Boston Founding Members

8 Nov

With one week to go until our launch in Boston, our Founding Class of 25 is nearly full! We are truly excited to have a class of organizations large and small, representing cause areas that run the gamut from poverty alleviation to design and culture. Over the next few days, we will be profiling a selection of these Founding Members on our blog. Our first group to be profiled are passionate about alleviating homelessness and poverty. Read on to get to know them and the causes they are passionate about.

Pine Street Inn is one of Boston’s most well known nonprofit organizations. They believe that “everyone deserves a place to call home” and provide shelter and nourishment and compassion to hundreds daily. Pine Street Inn began its journey four decades ago, offering approximately 200 men suffering from alcoholism a safe alternative to the streets of Boston. Today they serve over 1,300 men and women daily, and provide a comprehensive range of programs and services, including housing, outreach, shelter and job training, but their ultimate goal is to make permanent housing a real possibility for all.  Pine Street Inn is poised to open two new houses in Boston on November 12th, one of which is dedicated completely to veterans of the US Armed Forces. Check out the celebrations for these openings here.

Housing Families has established itself as an force committed to ending homelessness for families. In 1986, community members concerned about the crisis of homelessness among families in Boston’s Metro North cities of Everett, Malden, and Medford created what is now Housing Families Inc. (HFI).  HFI’s current services include a children’s after school program, an eviction prevention program and a housing stabilization program, and they have grown into one of the largest operators of affordable housing for homeless and very low-income families in Massachusetts. As one beneficiary put it: “The help we received and continue to receive from Housing Families has helped to accelerate the constructive changes in my life, and I know I am taking positive steps toward my aspirations.”  Read more success stories here.

Elizabeth Stone House provides homeless families and individuals with a goal-oriented, outcome-driven environment. By helping to resolve the underlying drivers of homelessness – domestic violence, substance abuse, and mental illness – Elizabeth Stone House seeks to help families and individuals attain and maintain permanent housing, personal safety, and economic stability. The Stone House’s residential programs include a three-month Domestic Violence Shelter and an 18-month Transitional Housing Program. They also provide a number of community support groups and personal economic development programs.  Over 500 women, children and men have been served through the Stone House’s programs. Get involved here.

Tomorrow’s profiles – Boston Founding Members who are passionate about education!


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