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Ideation Conference: Early Bird Slots Still Available!

28 Feb
Attention non-profit and social enterprise leaders: Here’s a conference you won’t want to miss!

This year’s two-day !deation Conference brings together innovative thinkers who work to address humanitarian causes from both nonprofit and business perspectives. The innovative format of the conference combines keynotes, workshops and panels led by a diverse range of speakers, while evening art, music, and fashion events provide a looser atmosphere for networking. The idea is that participants will experience and engage with conference content and with fellow participants in a variety of ways, and emerge feeling empowered and inspired to do good. More info below!

!deation Conference

March 28-29

Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach, CA

More info and Registration (Those who register before March 9 get the Early Bird price)


Tomorrow: Pro Bono is for Lovers!

15 Feb

We hope you can join Catchafire and our growing community of volunteers tomorrow night at Gallery Bar on the Lower East Side. Whether you’re single, taken or just want to fall in love with volunteering, we’re bringing our pro bono professionals together for a winter evening of cocktails and volunteer storytelling.

What: Pro Bono is for Lovers (With $5 Well Drinks, Draft Beers, and Specialty Cocktails – the CosmaFire and Dirty Catcha-tini!)
Where: Gallery Bar, 120 Orchard St, New York, NY
When: Wednesday, February 16 2011, 7 pm – 9 pm
Who: Catchafire’s Pro Bono Professionals & Friends
Why: To grow your personal and professional networks and have an evening of pure pro bono fun!

Join us – and bring your (single or taken) friends!

Read more and RSVP on Facebook

The Lone Glove Project

9 Feb

The Lone Glove Project is a Catchafire staff initiative to discover and identify lost lone gloves in New York City’s public spaces – subways, streets, buildings etc. – for no other reason that to provide a little love and attention to these once loved and now lost items.

Alone, these gloves project a striking sadness.  But displayed together in this photographic compilation, loneliness is at once removed and is interestingly replaced by humorous intonations.  No longer in isolation, the gloves unite by sharing a similar story representative of their owner’s loss, their displacement from their partner glove, and their expulsion into the city of strangers.

If you’d like to contribute to our growing project, please email your lone glove pictures to
Ever lost a glove? Tell us your heart-breaking story by leaving a comment.

Please note that all gloves were photographed in their original state.

New on the Menu: Six More Project Types!

8 Feb

We’re pleased to announce that our Project Menu is expanding once again with the addition of six new project types! This brings our total up to an even 40, in ten diverse fields from Accounting to Strategy.*

We hope that by constantly offering new types of projects in different areas, we can continue to expand the impact of pro bono service to nonprofits in need!

The six new project types making their debut today are:

    Help an organization get its message across to the public and supporters in an engaging and accessible manner. Craft a compelling short story for use in annual reports, grant proposals, newsletters, web copy and marketing materials.
  • Crowdfunding
  • Launch an online crowdfunding campaign, a great new way for an organization to raise money, build an audience, and keep contributors engaged in the outcome. Use your crowdfunding platform of choice to help achieve a fundraising goal.

  • Promotional Video and Video Editing
  • Help an organization tell its story through video! Shoot and edit a 1-3 minute promotional video to be used both on and offline for events, presentations, websites, e-mail distribution, or for use on social media sites. (Or sign up for a Video Editing project to help an organization with footage already shot.)

  • Accounting System Advice
  • With a highly-functional accounting system, a nonprofit can focus on its mission instead of on its books. Consult with a nonprofit on the structure and efficiency of its current accounting system,  a crucial tool for organizational success. Note that the volunteer will be analyzing the current system, not building a new system from scratch.

  • Grand Proposal Budget
  • Potential funders often require a carefully-crafted project budget alongside a grant proposal or major ask. Help a nonprofit build a well-thought out, specific, and tangible plan for the use of funds over a limited time period.

Do any of these project types fit your skillset and interests? If so, and if you haven’t already signed up and created a profile, there’s no time like now! Just add these project types to your profile and we’ll send you potential matches as nonprofits post them. It’s that easy. Or browse our list of open projects for one that sparks your interest.

If you’re a nonprofit leader and one of these projects, or any on our project menu would help your organization, you can get started here, and we’ll work with you to get your project in front of our enthusiastic bevvy of skilled professionals in no time!

*We’ve also revamped three of our existing project types, Organizational Budget Design and Development, Technology Expert Advice, and Online Marketing Plan. Check ’em out!

Our First Ever Nonprofit Networking Night

8 Feb

At Catchafire, we work with more than 1,000 nonprofits and social-mission organizations in the Greater NYC area. And during those conversations, we so often hear the same struggles, address common challenges, and help to optimize similar opportunities. Our goal is to bring like-minded organizations together and transform your connections into real relationships that will spur tangible benefits to you and your organization for months and years to come.

On Wednesday, February 2, we invited Nonprofit and Social Enterprise leaders from our network to gather together and discuss their shared experiences. The Catchafire team was present to facilitate personalized introductions that, as Consultants who know our organizations well, we feel would be most beneficial. We were inspired by your stories and fired up by the synergies and potential partnerships that were forged that evening.

Thanks to all who attended for being a part of our community – our first ever Nonprofit Networking Night was a great success and we hope you’ll join in the next one!

Justin Kazmark’s Communications Role with Catchafire

3 Feb
How did you get started with Catchafire?

A mutual friend introduced Rachael and me a couple of years ago when Catchafire was still just a great idea.
What exactly is your role for them?

I collaborate with the Catchafire team on communications strategy and anything else I can help with.
Just before kicking off my collaboration with Catchafire this October, I returned to NYC following a five month thruhike of the Pacific Crest Trail — a 2663 mile walk from the border of Mexico to the border of Canada via California, Oregon, and Washington.
How was your journey across the country?

My fiancée and I started walking north from Campo, CA the morning of 24 April 2010.  For the next 144 days we walked across the Mojave desert, San Jacinto mountains, the High Sierra and the Cascade range until we reached the border of Canada near Manning Park, British Columbia.  Walked about a marathon a day.  Didn’t rain once in the three months it took to walk the entire state of California. Rained pretty much every day in Washington. An incredible experience.

How do you spend your time when you’re not working?

I’m an anagram enthusiast, an amateur Scrabble competitor and a Wallyball player.  I’m going to bike every street in Manhattan in 2011.
What do you like most about NYC?

Best part about the city is that I’ve been exploring it for more than a decade and I still feel like I’ve just scratched the surface.
What are some volunteer experiences you’ve had?

I started volunteering my time to various community organizations in high school.  It wasn’t until I was introduced to Catchafire that I had the opportunity to use my professional skill set to serve.
Where did you receive your degree?

I studied at a small college at NYU called the Gallatin School of Individualized Study.  Everyone designed their own course of study. I charted a degree in Semiotics.  There is no department of Semiotics at the university, so I drew from coursework across Linguistics, Philosophy of Language, Media Studies, Communications and several independent studies in Semiotics.

Catchafire’s CEO Expert Advice Match in Ad Age

1 Feb

Advertising Age just published a column by our CEO and founder, Rachael Chong, about a recent match we made between Four A’s CEO Nancy Hill and Pencils of Promise Executive Director Adam Braun.

The match was part of our relatively new CEO Expert Advice campaign, in which we aim to get successful leaders in the business world to provide invaluable guidance to fledgling nonprofit leaders. A CEO Expert Advice match is very simple: all a CEO has to do is sign up to dedicate three to five hours of time over a month to speak with their nonprofit partner. Topics can range from board creation to strategic planning to mission statement creation. We think that this type of guidance from a seasoned organizational leader will go a long way towards helping nonprofits grow.

Organization Matches Industry Pros with Good Causes [Ad Age]

You can read more about CEO Expert Advice on our Project Menu.



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