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Happy Birthday Catchafire!

21 Apr

What a big day. Catchafire’s first birthday. My baby’s growing up. She (I think she’s more a she than a he) now has two other parents. She’s had a lot of nannies over the past year, who have all been great and still come and visit; but now, I’m glad that I’ve finally found her stability in Kevin and Jane. Three parents, yeah. Three’s better than two, I think. We’re a progressive family, and we’d like to add more to the mix when we’re ready.

Catchafire’s grown A LOT in her first year. She’s outgrown her first logo, her first set of wireframes, and her first crib. We’re excited to see how she develops over the next year. She’ll take her first steps, cut her first tooth, speak her first word, and so I’ve been told, with greater independence, she’ll “begin to show defiant behavior, recognize herself in pictures, and imitate the behavior of others.”

We’ll be sure to catch all of this on video so you can share the joy with us.

Happy Birthday Catchafire! We’re so proud of you!


Celebrate National Volunteer Week with Catchafire this Wednesday 4/21!

20 Apr

Last Tuesday, we held our first Catchafire Meetup over at Local in Soho. We drew a nice crowd of professionals from a wide range of industries and amazing nonprofits.

For a little over two hours, our professionals and nonprofit do-gooders networked, discovered some unexpected Catchafire connections (two discovered that they’re attending the same wedding this summer), talked about the joys of volunteering (with one of our very own Pilot volunteers!), and discussed some great nonprofits and their missions (including one that made a rather squeamish Jane faint: promoting blood donation).

All in all it was a wonderful evening and we look forward to these weekly meetups as a way for our online corps of do-gooders to connect with each other offline for a mix of networking and socializing. So mark your calendars for Wednesdays with Catchafire!!

Our next meetup will be Wednesday, April 21, at Local (Sullivan St. between Prince & Houston). We’ll be celebrating National Volunteering Week, so come ready to share your most inspiring, life-changing, hilarious, or disastrous volunteer experience! Of course, we’ll also be talking about the great volunteer opportunities Catchafire will be able to provide you!

Please RSVP on Facebook

Have a great idea for a meetup theme? Email who’s helping us make these events as fun and meaningful as they can be for our volunteers!

Hope to catch with you on Wednesday!

Volunteer & Nonprofit Registration Opens April 15!

9 Apr

In less than one week, we’re opening up registration for nonprofits and volunteers. Be the first to join the skills-based volunteer movement we’re going to ignite!

Rachael, Jane, and an amazing team of media and nonprofit professionals are putting the finishing touches on our menu of projects. Wanna hear more about our experts and the amazing work they’re doing? Look for a post on Monday!

Kevin is deep in code, getting the site ready for the groundswell of volunteers and nonprofits who want to be the first to register!

You are counting down the days till you can make an impact!

Register on the 15th and watch as Catchafire rolls out interesting ways for you to get involved:

Volunteers will sign up for projects that allow you to volunteer your skills for the causes you’re passionate about!

Nonprofits will sign up to access professional skills that you never imagined you could find or afford!

Catchafire Meetup On Tuesday, April 13!

9 Apr

Catchafire is all about connecting people with each other — professionals with skills to volunteer and nonprofits that need their help.

While we’re matching you online, we also want to connect you offline!

Join us for the first of our weekly Catchafire Meetups this Tuesday, where you’ll network with other media professionals and meet those who care about the same causes as you!

Date: Tuesday, April 13
Time: 6:00 – 8:00pm
Where: Local (144 Sullivan Street btwn Prince & Houston)
Please RSVP on our facebook page

Look for us to announce more Catchafire meetups in the coming weeks. In the meantime, look forward to seeing you Tuesday!

Catchafire, Inc. Is Proud to B…

9 Apr

Catchafire is proud to announce that we have earned our certification as a B Corporation. “B Corporations are a new type of corporation that use the power of business to create public benefit.”

This means that we’ve committed ourselves (legally – gasp!) to meeting comprehensive and transparent social and environmental performance standards. To find out more, visit our friends over at B Corp. We’re excited to be part of this growing community of companies that care about being good to the earth, society, and their employees.

Can we convince you to start the B Corp process yourself? One perk that we think totally makes it worth it is the 75% discount off of Salesforce Enterprise Edition CRM software. Pretty awesome!

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